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Bobby Zee has chosen a few exceptional surfers to highlight for their style and performance. Click on image below or on link. Enjoy!

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  Dean Quinn - Pro surfer from 1979 to 1985 and Senior National Champion NSSA 2000 enjoys surfing daily on the South Side Bowl of the Huntington Beach Pier, and excels at Tavarua. He is owner and founder of HB lifestyle brand O'Quinn Clothing. Click to read more.
Joey Hawkins   Joey Hawkins - Joey Hawkins became the poster boy for the often polarizing “progressive” movement in longboard surfing. As the 1980’s moved forward, young longboarders began embellishing the simple, clean lines of the “classic” approach with quick snaps, fin slips, and even aerials; and Hawkins was the first American to parley longboards (and the progressive approach) into real success on the world stage. Josh Constable writes, “The introduction of lightweight materials and advanced technology in the early 90′s allowed longboard pro’s Joey Hawkins and Jeff Kramer to “bust some air” and put progressive longboarding on the map.” Click to read more.
PT Peter Townend Bio   Peter Townend "PT"-Peter Townend known in his competitive days for his patented soul arch, PT made it look effortless in any size surf. In 1976, his surfing prowess took him to the pinnacle of professional achievement when he became world champion of the first pro surf tour organization, International Professional Surfing Association founded by Fred Hemmings. Click to read more.

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