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dean quinn-surfer

Current Residence: Huntington Beach
How long have you lived in HB: 46 years.
First Time Surfing: My brother and I got pushed into our first wave when I was 9 years old. Been out at the pier ever since ( 43 years ).
Work: Owner and founder of O'Quinn Clothing.
Family: Wife Shurla, Summer 17, Delanie 14, Chase 10.
Favorite place to surf: Tavarua, Brookhusrt, South Side Bowl HB Pier.
Board of choice: Cole Surfboards 5' 10" 18 1/2" X 2 1/4" Round Pin.
Wetsuit: 4/3 Saver Cross Zipperless (Japanese).
Sponsors: My wife at this stage of my career!
Surfing achievements: Pro surfer 1979 - 1985. Seniors National Champion NSSA 2000.
Life achievements: Donated a Kidney to my father. Please be an organ donor it saves lives!

Dean Quinn
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